Prior to the Consultation

You will be asked to fill in a three-day food diary and questionnaire to return via email before your appointment.  

The Initial One-to-One Consultation

The initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour. During this time Vanessa will take a detailed case history of your presenting symptoms, medical history, diet, lifestyle factors and establish what your aims are. Tongue, nail and iridology diagnosis may be used during the consultation to get a better picture of your complete health state.

Vanessa will then put together a dietary and lifestyle plan, based on the information gathered and taking into account any budget restrictions you might have, to help you achieve your health goals. This plan will be emailed to you within two working days and Vanessa will be available for any questions or clarifications thereafter.

The Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultations take approximately 40 minutes to assess your progress. Vanessa will then make adjustments to your current plan accordingly, with the aim of moving you closer to your goals should these not be achieved yet.

Simplified treatment plans

Vanessa will work with you and offer practical and informative advice that is easy to understand. Treatment plans focus on doing what’s right, what feels good and what makes you happy and healthy. 

Every plan is tailored to suit your specific needs and if required, supplements, tissue salts, Bach flower remedies for emotional support, herbal medicine and comprehensive functional testing can be provided.  Vanessa may also refer you to other practitioners as part of an integrated health care approach.


Vanessa is currently available for appointments via Skype and phone.